Iron & Steel


With the features of high level purity, precise chemical composition control, high reduction ratio, high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality, the products are mainly used to manufacture the axle shaft, gas cylinder and plastic mould, etc.

Heavy plate

Heavy plates are mainly used in shipbuilding, offshore platform, boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline, high building, bridge and heavy duty trucks, etc.

HR steel sheet

With the excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, easy machinability and good weldability, Baosteel's hot-rolled steel products are widely used in ship, automobile, bridge, building, machinery and pressure vessel and other industrial applications.

HR steel sheet (pickled)

Mainly used as various substrates and widely applied in automobile manufacture, cold pressing parts and structural parts, etc.

CR steel sheet

CR steel sheets have good processability, with good flatness and excellent surface, are available with different thickness and width combinations; are mainly used to manufacture the high value-added products in automotive and appliance, beverage packaging, electronic, electrcial moor and building etc. The CR steel sheet include the uncoated steel steel , galvanzied steel sheet, tin plate and TFS, precoated steel sheet and electrical steel steel, etc.

Wire rod

With the features of high level purity, precise chemical composition control, suitable metallographic structure, high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality, and good properties, the products are widely applied in national landmark construction projects, automobile, oil field, mine and gas transmission pipeline, etc.

Pipe tube

Seamless and welded steel tubes with four categories of oil well pipes, boiler tubes, pipeline steel, mechanic structure steel including sixteen major products of oil pipes, high pressure boiler tubes, oil transportation pipes, structure pipes, etc.

The stainless steel products are environmental friendly and 100% recycled. Stainless steel products focus on high technological content and high value added, the main products include stainless steel HR steel sheet, CR steel sheet and medium thickness plate of austenite, ferrite and martensite steel grades, the dual phase, ultralow carbon and nitrogen stainless steel products are available in the meantime.

Mainly supplied in forms of cake, ring, rod, tube, wire, strip, forging and casting, etc., with various varieties, wide range of dimensions, high purity, stable chemical composition, high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality, the products are mainly used in the fields of industries such as automobile engineering , railway transportation, aviation, aerospace, machinery , petrochemical, electronics, energy, environmental protection and new metallic materials.

Alloys for aviation and aerospace

High temperature alloys and titanium alloys, are widely used in the hi-tech fields such as high temperature service components of engines for different types of missiles and rockets , engine parts of Shenzhou series spacecraft, engine parts of new type missile,the combustion chamber of rockets.

Steel for energy

With good properties such as high strength, good toughness , weldability , easy for machine shaping, the product is widely applied in nuclear power station , petrochemical and pressure vessel manufacturing industries.

Automotive (transportation) steel

50 series of steel grades related with the automotive industry have been developed. Materials for crankshaft and shrank, special materials for gear shifts and drive shafts, materials for hanging bearing spring, stabilizer bar and torsion bars have been certified by Volkswagen, GKN, ZF, ISUZU, TOYOTA, EATON and ROCKWELL, etc.

Cold-rolled roll ingot for Mill Rolls and mandril

"Cold-rolled ingot for mill rolls has good anti-roll mark performance, roughness keeping property and anti-accident performance, is the tool for defroming of metal and the mostly consumed spare parts during steel manufacturing. The common used materials are Cr2, Cr3, Cr5 (MC3/MC5). Stopper mandril is an important tool that participates the rolling deformation during the production of seamless steel tube, and is a kind of high value-added spare parts of massive consumption."

Stainless steel for fastener

With good cold heading property and strong corrosion resistance, big coil weight and wide range of demensions; high surface quality, the materials for fastener accounts for 35%~40% of the demand for stainless steel wire rod, the largest percentage of one single purpose. The typical steel grades include 304HC2, 304HC3, 304C1, 316Cu and 302HQ.

Die steel

"Die steel products can be divided into plastic die steels, hot work die steels and cold work die steels. Plastic die steels are required to have certain strength, hardness, wear resistance, thermal stability and corrosion resistance, as well as good manufacturability. Hot work die steels are mainly used to manufacture the die for presswork of workpiece in high temperature condition, such as hot forging die, hot extrusion die, pressure casting die and hot upset forging die, etc. Cold work die steels are mainly used to manufacture the die for presswork of workpiece in cold condition, such as cold punching die, cold stamping die, cold drawing die, coining die, cold extrusion die, thread pressing die and powder compacting die, etc. "

Bearing steel

"Bearing steel products have been supplied in batches to the famous bearing manufacturers including NSK, NTN and FAG, etc. Among which the electroslag treated product is mainly used in the bearings of passenger vehicle and cargo vehicle; die casting hot-rolled (annealed) wire rod is mainly used in the wind electric power generation bearing, metallurgical mining equipment and high precision industrial bearing; continuous casting hot-rolled (annealed) wire rod is mainly used in the engineering machinery, automobile wheel hub, motorcycle, home appliance and electric motor equipment, etc.; continuous casting hot-rolled/cold drawn (annealed) wire rod is mainly used to manufacture various rolling elements."